Project Engineering and Monitoring Design

Omnisens product range and industry oriented solutions have been designed to be adapted to customer needs.

Every project has its own specific requirements and the best system performance is guaranteed by a careful selection of the sensing instrumentation, optical fiber cable and its proper integration. Omnisens, together with specialized system integrators, will define with its customers the best approach to meet the monitoring needs.

Project engineering includes product configuration, cable selection and software selection. In some cases additionnal accessories may be included to increase monitoring capabilities or cope with projects specific environment conditions. When the specific design specifications of the project are frozen, detailled documentation and implementation plan is developped and submitted including installation plans, drawings and all technical documentation. Omnisens provides customer support and assistance through every phase of a project.

Project management

Omnisens adopts a project management approach to all contracts providing effective co-ordination of design, procurement, testing and commissioning. Close attention is given to project planning, quality, safety and customer requirements and enables omnisens Project Engineers to execute and implement projects successfully.

Training, Maintenance and support

Omnisens is supporting all customer application worlwide and provides expert training for all its products and solutions worldwide through its wide network of certified distributors and solution providers.

The customer service team is dedicated to solve any problems customers would have around the world.

Data Analysis

Omnisens offers specialized data analysis through its versatile software solutions. Our project engineers can provide expert data analysis and feasbility studies.