Technical notes

DITEST AIM - Asset Integrity Monitoring Solution

DITEST AIM - Features & Benefits
The DITEST-AIM uses distributed temperature, strain and acoustic for long range monitoring of extended infrastructures.
DITEST AIM Asset Integrity Monitoring Features
  • Continuous analysis of very small variations in temperature, strain and sound along the entire infrastructure.
  • Early detection and classification of alerts along the infrastructure.
  • Localization along the fiber optic with meter accuracy.
  • Configuration of Zones with associated alarms and relays activation
  • Fiber optic configuration and calibration according to installation parameters
  • Data management, system interfacing
  • Communication interface with third party’ systems (SCADA, ....)


Omnisens AIM provides the ideal solution for:

pipeline monitoring
Civil engineeringPower

DITEST-AIM - system Components

DITEST Interrogator

DITEST interogator


  • Monitoring distance : > 65 km per sensing channel
    (2 std channels for each interogator)
  • Spatial resolution : ~1 m (*)
  • Temperature resolution : < 0.5°C (*)
  • Strain resolution : < 10 microstrain (*)
  • Optical loss budget : >14 dB (*)

(*) Temperature or strain resolution, spatial resolution, distance range and acquisition time are inter-related. Please contact us with specific project requirements for more information about performance.

Ground movement - fiber optic cable

Fiber Optic sensor

Geotechnical Monitoring Optical Fiber Cable
The GTMS OFC is a robust fiber optic cable dedicated to the detection of ground movement. It integrates rodent protection and it is compatible with direct burial or deployement along road and railways. It can also be used for pipeline third party intrusion detection along buried pipeline.

Leackage detection - fiber optic cable

Fiber Optic sensor

Leakage Detection Optical Fiber Cable
The LDS OFC can accommodate up to 8 fibers. It is a robust cable suitable for direct burial as it integrates rodent protection. The cable includes the optical fibers used for temperature monitoring as well as fibers for data communication between the instruments and the control room.

Project Engineering

In each project, Omnisens in collaboration with its solution providers offers project management, specific design specifications with respect to project requirements, complete documentation and implementation plan, installation drawings, training, commissioning and deployment capabilities.

Additional System components

Depending on the project requirements, cabinet, uninterrupted power supplies, batteries, patch panels,
SO-N-2 optical switch modules, data server, can be provided as additional system components.