Telecom networks

DITEST-STA instruments are ideally suited for the qualification and testing of telecommunication installed fiber optic cables.

Telecom cable quality control Large strain reducing the lifetime expectancy of the optical fiber and limiting bandwidth capabilities may be introduced during critical cable installation such as long haul aerial cable or underwater installation or else when the cables are pulled through manholes and over long winding routes as it may be the case in urban areas.

Telecom networks - monitoring approach

The bandwidth of a fiber optic transmission cable is ultimately limited by problems related to polarization mode dispersion, (PMD). Commonly caused by either residual or induced strain, PMD may produce a non-uniform strain in locations where the fiber link is subjected to environmental variations.

The DITEST instrument is the perfect tool to measure the installation induced strain following cable installation and as well as to routinely monitor the strain profiles of critical fiber link. The DITEST instrument is used in the field as a troubleshooting equipment to locate sections presenting strain levels exceeding rated specifications and introducing bandwidth limitations.

Omnisens Interrogator for speciality fiber optic cable quality control
High Resolution - Strain and Temperature monitoring
High performance distributed strain and/or temperature measurements
High Speed - Strain and Temperature monitoring
Fast aquisition distributed strain and/or temperature measurements down to 1 Hertz.