Water containment

Omnisens solutions provides full integrity monitoring for water embankment by performing the early detection of seepage and water level monitoring.

The detection of seepage in water embankment and dikes by effective monitoring enable to prevent failure mechanisms to develop by implementing the adequate maintenance.
Most dikes or water lines disasters occur because of water infiltration. Seepages lead to streams of water flowing through the dike, ultimately destroying, through erosion, the dike from the inside.

Prior to catastrophic release there will be a small seepage, which will increase over time and thus cause a failure of the entire dike. The visual inspection of the structure is inefficient to detect internal seepages leading to very poor flood protection approach.

Erosion and dikes

DITEST-AIM provides integrity management for spur dikes and structural information to anticipate river floodings

Flood protection is not determined by the height of the dike but its structural stability and and absence of erosion effects.

Authorities have to manage the risk of water embankment and dike failure. Overdimensioning the structure doesn’t improve its safety whereas an appropriate monitoring does.

Water containment and erosion - Monitoring approach

Omnisens DITEST-AIM solution improves safety and prevents human collateral dammages of water related structures. The implementation of adequate fiber optic-based sensors provides temperature and strain information about the dyke with meter resolution over very extended distances (100's of kilometers).


Omnisens monitoring solutions for geotechnical applications
Dykes integrity
The embedded sensors in the dikes enable the detection of seepages and erosion effects before they lead to the catastrophic failure of the whole structure.
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