Geotechnical movements and landlides monitoring

Omnisens DITEST-AIM solution improves safety and prevents human collateral dammages in case of natural catastrophs.

Early warning before ground movements can save lives and avoid important material or property damages by preventing geotechnical hazards to occur. The appropriate geotechnical monitoring in landslides sensitive areas can detect the development of ground movement before catastrophic slope failures happen.
Slope failures constitute the most expensive geological hazard in many areas. Although individual slope failures are not spectacular or as costly as for example earthquakes or major foods, they much more widespread and the total financial loss due to slope failures is greater than that of single geologic hazard. These costs can be direct (fatalities, buildings, roads, infrastruture, etc.) or indirect (image, land devaluation, cultural and heritage losses).
A great majority of costs could be reduced by implementing the appropriate slope monitoring. Slope failures are always preceded by slow and small ground movement which can be detected prior to the complete failure of the slope and which could allow to take adequate measure to protect the area.

Geotechnical applications - Monitoring approach


Omnisens monitoring solutions for geotechnical applications
Geotechnical monitoring of Ground in high consequences areas
Omnisens DITEST-AIM monitoring system includes both temperature and ground movement detection for complete and continuous geotechnical monitoring over kilometres. Most of the ground movements are controlled by rain and water penetration. Ground movements are likely to continue in the future with an increased frequency and magnitude as a result of climate change.