Road & Railways

The management of roads and railways network requires accurate and permanent monitoring of ground displacement affecting the stability of the infrastructure.

Local authorities are frequently faced to the problem of having to manage the risk deriving from slope instabilities affecting the safety of railways and roads.
Effective ground movement detection allows to predict landslide evolution and draw up emergency plans. The availability of data about road or rail displacements as a function of time is of great help to organize preventive maintenance of the infrastructure and avoiding catastrophic failures.

Geotechnical applications - Monitoring approach


Omnisens monitoring solutions for geotechnical applications
Road, Railways and soil stability
DITEST-AIM-based solution offers precise and continuous uninterrupted ground movement detection over several kilometres. Unlike point sensors or GPS based systems, the fiber optic-based DITEST-AIM solution offers permanent continuous monitoring over very long distances with meter resolution. The stability of each road or railway can monitor meter after meter over kilometres with dedicated embedded fiber optic sensors.