Case studies


Umbilical’s and ROV specialty cables

ROV - Remote Operated Vehicle Subsea activities more and more frequently required the use of “work class” Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) for deep water trenching, cable burial, repair jobs and the recovery of larger objects.
As the operation of ROV’s is progressively moving down to increasing depth, the umbilical’s used to power and control the ROV’s are submitted to challenging conditions during deployment and operation.
Photo Credit : Hidden Ocean 2005 Expedition: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration.  

Umbilical and ROV power cables - monitoring approach

The monitoring of umbilical’s temperature is important to guarantee that they are not operated beyond their specifications and that local heating doesn’t damage the cable structure. Omnisens DITEST-LTM offers the possibility to measure ROV's umbilical power cables or similar specialty power cables in stringent conditions with high attenuation and through connecting devices such as rotary joints and connection accessories.

Omnisens monitoring solutions for umbilicals and ROV power cables
Hot spot detection and localization
A reliable way to monitor the condition of a power cable, since a temperature increase may indicate a breakdown in insulation, or change in the operating environment of the cable.
Measurement through rotary joints
The DITEST-LTM distributed temperature monitoring system provides full temperature monitoring capabilities while maintaining full monitoring performance even in presence of rotary joints.