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Umbilical & Subsea power cables integrity

Omnisens DITEST-DSM (Dynamic Strain Monitoring) offers unrivalled accuracy, dynamic range and data acquisition rate to meet the requirement of most demanding environments.

Umbilical cable Marine power cables, umbilicals and mooring ropes are submitted to tough environment conditions, especially when connected to moving termination points such as offshore floating platforms, vessels, ROV’s cable.
Moreover umbilicals, flowlines and risers are subject to waves and currents resulting in large variations of strain within seconds, which can exceed design specifications or create long term fatigue eventually leading to unexpected failures.

Umbilical power cable integrity - monitoring approach

Continuous dynamic strain monitoring of power cables subjected to movements such as subsea infrastructures (umbilicals, power cables) or cranes power cables (harbours) greatly helps the operators to anticipate maintenance intervention, to reduce the failure risk, and to make executive decision based on the actual conditions of critical components.

Omnisens monitoring solutions for umbilical and subsea power cables
Power cable integrity and fatigue
Omnisens DITEST-DSM offers unrivalled accuracy, 1 Hertz dynamic range and data acquisition rate to meet the requirements of demanding dynamic monitoring applications. It enables the dynamic strain and fatigue monitoring of critical components submitted to varying strain, with meter resolution over several kilometres.