Case studies


Overhead Lines

Omnisens DITEST solutions are ideal monitoring of overhead line sag using distributed temperature monitoring.

Overhead lines provide most of the transmission requirement, and endure the most hostile conditions.
Real time monitoring of such assets can anticipate major failures and blackouts.

Overheadlines - monitoring approach

Omnisens systems continuously monitor the temperature of the single mode fibers contained in the optical ground wire (OPGW) or in the conductor cables. Variations in temperature or in strain are detected with a high resolution over up to 50km with meters spatial resolution. The detection of temperature variations allows operators to track anomalies and anticipate failures at a very early stage and avoid huge operation costs associated to a power outage.

Omnisens monitoring solutions for power transmission lines
Overheadlines Ice formation
Diurnal and seasonal weather changes cause lines to sag, with the danger of grounding. Sag can be calculated from temperature of the OPGW line. Areas, where icing is likely, can be monitored in temperature and extra current load can be applied to the conductors to heat them up and avoid ice forming and the risk of damage to the structure.
Overheadlines structural monitoring
Omnisens can also monitor strain directly along very long distances, offering a valuable tool for overhead line design and operation. In this case, special fiber optic cables needs to be integrated in the conductor lines.