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Flow Assurance

Omnisens offers comprehensive solutions to optimize flow and prevent wax formation blockage in flowlines, risers, multiphase bundles operation.

Underground, subsea and offshore arctic conditions pose unique design challenges to the safe operation of pipelines.Whereas visual inspection is most of the time impossible, insulated and heated subsea pipeline bundles are submitted to bedforms migrations, seabed erosion due to waves or currents or permafrost thaw settlements.

Flow assurance - monitoring approach

Omnisens systems continuously monitor the entire pipeline using dedicated fiber optic sensing cable independantly from the pipeline operation itself. Very small variations in temperature are detected with a high temperature resolution (0.1°C), high dynamic range and meter resolution over up to 40km. The detection of these anomalies allows operators to anticipate failures at a very early stage and avoid huge operation costs associated to pipeline failures in high consequences areas.

Omnisens monitoring solutions for pipeline integrity applications
Leak detection X
Permafrost taw settlment & Seabed migration X
Pipeline temperature profiling on heated pipes (heat tracing) X
Pipeline insulation failures X